TOP 30 Hilarious Things that Only Happen in Ireland!!

Buzzers, Ireland is a country with beautiful nature and great adventure! But if you stay too long,  you probably get the weirdest experiences that only happens there! Your mind might thinking “woohoo okay….which part of the world that I live in again? Oh Ireland!!”. Well, but not all fact it’s quite exciting!! So Buzzers, here is top 30 things that only happen in Ireland!

1. When you know your priorities!

2. Don’t sleep while driving

3. Pub is the Home sweet home!

4. Best souvenir !!

5. Snickers Bar has a really hard time!

6. A place to get your eye check!!

7. British beware!!

8. It’s just a job…

9. Don’t mess with bread delivery guy!

10. Where they get the pillow from?

11. She needs a hard back rub…

12. Dog is a Yoga master!

13. “If you go minimalist you are not afraid in losing everything”- Irish proverb

14. The cemetery drummin’ n shuffelin’

15. #Irish

16. Want to get a free ride? Be a Potato!!

17. Will you buy it?

18. Fastest way to meet Jesus!!!

19. Nothing more important than a living Steak!

20. Another way to enjoy the holes!!

21. This gin inspired by a King whose quest for a spirit lead him to Ireland?! Feckin unbelievable!!

22. When it’s 2 am and you get heatwave…in Ireland…

23. Irish fetishes…

24. Wait babe, Time to call my mammy…

25. This man has a Pokemon..

26. Marketing in Ireland…

27. Be stupid and get yo monyyy!! #onlyinireland

28. Minions stranded here too

29. Somebody is fecked…

30. The land of the opposite…

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