TOP 30 Weirdest Type of People You Will Find in Mc. Donalds

Buzzers, Everybody must have known this popular nuggets and hamburgers fast food restaurant, mc. Donald’s. The restaurant has lots of chains around the world. Each of them sometimes come with unique menus such as rice in Asian country or squid ink burger in Japan.

But, it is not only the menu that is unique! Even the people who come to Mc. Donald’s also a unique yet weirdest type of people on earth! We can say mc. Donald’s is a melting pot for this different types of people because it can unite every background with chicken nuggets, french fries and a Big Mac!! So, here is the top 30 weirdest type of people you might see during your next Big Mac order…

1. The Gangsta

2. The Play-Victim

3. The Amateur

4. The Mistress