TOP 5 Cat Breeds that Can Play Fetch!

Hi Buzzers !! Are you a cat person or a dog person ? Well, why not be both! These cats breed are acting just like dogs, they have full energy to play, loyal, and loving to the owner. A good companion for you, Buzzers, who already have a dog because they will match.

1. American Curl

It believed that this cat is a product of spontaneous mutation. The American curl comes from Lakewood, California. They looks like a cat which have a mouse ears. Very cute yet weird enough. The cat is smart,  active, and loving.

Cute American Curl Cat
Cute American Curl Cat

2. Maine Coon

Maine Coon is a domestic cat from the state of Maine. The cat has silky fur, very large, active, and independent. This cat is correlated with Marie Antoinette according to a folktas. It was said that the Queen, Marie Antoinette tried to escape when people chase her to beheaded. She took this cat with her including 6 angoras. The cat finally could escape to the United States, while the queen was not that lucky. She was beheaded in 1793.

Fat Maine Coon Cat
Cute Maine Coon Cat

3. Abyssinian

The name of this cat actually resembles a city in Ethiopia, Abyssinia but actually Abyssin,ian cat comes from Egypt. The cat has a short hair, likes to climb, and very active. You will almost never see him lay down and sleep!!

Abyssinian kitten
Cute Abyssinian Play Fetch

4. Rag Doll

Ragdoll was developed in California by Anne Baker. Rag dollRagdolleautiful silky long coat and comes in various varietyr. The cat can play fetch and walk on leash just like dogs!!

Angry Ragdoll Cat
Cute Ragdoll Cat

5. Ocicat

The ocicat is a mix breed of seal point Siamese with ruddy Abyssinian and later with American short which was actually created Ocicat by accident. The cat is active, playful and loyal to the family. Ocicat has dots that make it looks like a wildcat.

Cute Ocicat
Ocicat play Fetch

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