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TOP 5 Funniest Zoo with Their Fake Animals!

Hi Buzzers!! I think most of us have visited a zoo. We still remember the roar of the Lion, cute monkeys that jumping here and there, or tallest giraffe in the zoo! But, Buzzers what happen if you go to the zoo and see a fake version of the animals? Can you say it’s not your lucky day? Unfortunately the visitors in these 5 zoos should experience that. It gave them a mixed feelings from angry, disappointed, but also amusing! Here’s the top 5…

1. Napyidaw’s zoological garden

This is the only zoo in Napyidaw, Burma- Myanmar. The zoo only has around 15 real animals. Other animals are fake which just statues so it doesn’t look empty. It is probably due to the fact that the city is not ready to be inhabited yet. The city only has less than 100,000 inhabitants in 2013 which make it looks like a ghost town. The animals also in a poor conditions, for example is penguins in a refrigerated pen.

Funniest Zoo
Funniest Zoo

2. Cairo’s International Garden Municipal Park

This zoo get a serious problem after an Egyptian student, Mahmoud Sarhan, posted an animal that “suspected to be” a Zebra. He believes that the two Zebras he saw in the zoo is painted donkeys. His claim was supported by an animal expert that told even though zebra and donkey bearing a resemblance of a horse but unlike what’s in the picture they are a bit larger, and don’t have smudged stripes.

Funniest Zoo

3. Guishan Zoo

Guishan zoo is located in Yulin, Guangxi Province-China. The zoo advertised itself as a place to see rare animals but many visitors came to the zoo has seen the unexpected. It’s quite funny that the zoo has inflatable penguins as penguins lol. The visitors left the zoo in shock and one of the visitor said that the zoo has making fun of customers’ intelligence. Hmm what will be your reaction Buzzers? I think I will die laughing if I see those balloon penguins lol.

Funniest Zoo

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