TOP 5 Reasons on Why You Should Not Dig or Bury Yourself in The Beach !!

Hi Buzzers!! This is summer and we love to go to the beach in the hot Summer Sun! We also have some traditions to have fun in the beach such as build a castle, dig a hole in the sand, and bury ourselves or friends in it. Even though it gives us a fun time, little did we know that it is a very dangerous thing to play! Here is why..

1. You can get suffocated in the sand!

People tend to think digging holes or tunnel in the sand as a harmless activity. But the truth is you can get suffocated and face death. It happened to Abbie’s family in 2014. The little girl named Isabel Grace Franks, age 9, was digging a large pit at Oregon Beach and the sand collapsed when she caved in. She suffocated to death. Now the coastguards advise the visitors to just dig a shallow holes. The holes should be filled in again afterwards so it won’t getting bigger and no one will fall into it.

2. An Intense claustrophobia!

If you are a person that is not afraid of anything, you probably will change your mind after trapped in the sand! Get trapped and sank in the sand will make you aware that a narrow place is a dangerous place to be and that time an intense claustrophobia will consume your mind.

3. A venomous Stingray Attack!

We know that stingrays love to bury themselves in the sand and also love warm water. There is time like in August when they bury themselves near the coastline. When we dig a hole and make a pool near the coastline, we can step the stingrays and get attacked by it. Stingrays have venom that can kill us too. In  August 2017, there is a report of 127 stingray injuries at California’s Newport Beach.

4. Get infected by Hookworms

Hookworms can burrow into your skin while you are being buried in the sand. Hookworms can spread through the animal’s or human feces. If you walking barefoot in the sand, you can get easily infected moreover if you bury yourself in it. A teenager named Michael Dumas got infected by hookworms at Florida Beach on 20th July 2018.  His friends had been buried up Michael up to his neck. After that he got itchy and red rashes as the worms living in his body. His foot has lesions and need to get an intensive care.

5. Bacteria Infection

The sand is a home for various bacteria and microorganisms. Most children who get buried in the sand tend to get diarrhea than the children who didn’t do it. It is because E. Coli goes in their body. Women who buried themselves naked in the sand is prone to microorganism goes inside their vagina, which could lead to an infection.

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