TOP 7 Cafes & Restaurants You Should Visit in Korea if You are a K-Pop Lovers!

1. Hwanggane Kkomjanggun

If you love to eat grilled eel plus a fans of CN Blue then this restaurant is a must  visit! The owner of this restaurant is Kang Min Hyuk’s father named Kang Cheol Mun. The place is decorated by presents from fans and for CN Blue fans they have a separated space in this restaurant…wow feels VIP yet?! Don’t forget to try their famous delicacy grilled eel and premium beef ribs!

Address : 07302 5, yeongjung-ro 10 gil Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. 

Phone:  + 82-2-2671-6218

2. Haru & One Day

This cafe is owned by Super Junior, Lee Donghae and his older brother. The interior is quite homey with minimalist & unfinished touch. The space is big and there is little terrace too. The recommendation menu here is a coffee called flat white and several cakes such as carrot cake, berry berry cake, and chocolate brown cake!

Address : 04782 92, Achasan-ro. Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

Phone.   :  + 82-2-499-9303!1e10!2sAF1QipPDqpVTBtJZCxYsRs-4_haGM-BbCvLBuzJezIGS&viewerState=lb

3. Viva Polo

Viva Polo is a western Italian restaurant which run by Chanyeol-EXO’s mother.  The restaurant showcases a lot of Exo’s memorabilia. If you are lucky, you could meet Exo’s members dine in in this restaurant for couple times in a month. The popular menu here is kimchi arabbiata pasta and pizza.

Address : 1631. Yangjae – Daero. Myeongil-dong. Gangdong-gu. Seoul

Phone.   :  +82 2-442-7885

4. AND Here

AND Here is the name of cafe owned by BigBang member, Seungri. This spacious cafe has a simple yet modern interior with little items, stuffed animals, and autographed cups of BigBang members that you can buy. You can also sit in a rooftop or terrace area while sip a coffee and eat their popular waffle.

Address : 31-14 Dongsung-dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul

Phone.   : +82 2-324-8464

5. Nerd on Earth

Nerd on Earth is a bar and resto owned by an actor and member of 2AM, Im Seul Ong. The bar is cozy yet modern with dark ambiance and a splash of blue and red neon light. If you like to dine in while seeing Itaewon skyscape, you can head to their rooftop! Popular menu here is beef brisket spicy noodle soup and Nerd Warp; a combination of arugula leaves, dried potato, and richotta cheese. Many meet Korean Celebrities when visit this bar plus this bar is pet friendly!! Awesome!Address : 04351 22, Itaewon-ro, 17-gil. Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Phone.   : +82-2-798-2221

6. Inchang Jjuggumi

Inchang jjguggmi is a seafood restaurant and their specialties is in yes..Octopus!! This restaurant served amazing delicious food in one place and it’s loved by many even tourists! Good news is this is a family restaurant belongs to the parent of INFINITE member, Dongwoo. Besides a great food, a lot of Dongwoo photos and fans gifts decorated the interior of this restaurant.

Address : 671-1 Donggu-dong, Guri-si. Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Phone.   : +82-2-31-551-7004인창쭈꾸미-in-gyeonggi-do/인창쭈꾸미-in-gyeonggi-do/인창쭈꾸미-in-gyeonggi-do/

7. Cafe Dudart

Cafe dudart is a cafe franchise and one in apgujeong rodeo is owned by talented international  K pop rapper, Jay Park. This cafe has a limited merchandise sold by Jay Park’s hip hop agency AOMG. You could buy mugs, t-shirts, and cds here. This cafe is famous for their bakery and roasted coffee.

Address : 642-15 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. Seoul, South Korea

Phone.   : +82 2-545-7417…0.0..0.557.2779.0j1j1j1j2j2……0….1………0j0i71j0i131.NHMSHsIUQnQ#fid=0x357ca388836968cd:0xdfeb85a78728a732&fpstate=luuv&imagekey=!1e1!2s…0.0..0.557.2779.0j1j1j1j2j2……0….1………0j0i71j0i131.NHMSHsIUQnQ#fid=0x357ca388836968cd:0xdfeb85a78728a732&fpstate=luuv&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipOdZ_JxMthURpyftpA6fyroYuk8V1fho6FG9Iib&viewerState=lb

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