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TOP 7 Dazzling Tourist Attractions in China

Hi Buzzers!! China has more than palaces, It also offers unique attractions and diverse nature such as sand dunes and mountains! You will be amaze by the beauty of nature you will see here!!

1. Singing Sand Dunes

The singing sand dunes is a unique tourist attraction in Dunhuang. If you slide on the sand it will create sound as if it was singing! You can also relax your feet in a crescent moon lake, an oasis in the middle of the sand dunes!

2. Zhangye Danxia National Geologic Park

Five color hills in Zhangye Danxia National Geologic Park in china offers a remarkable landscape that you have never seen before! Also called by Rainbow mountains of China because of the sands and silts was deposited with iron and minerals that have key ingredients to make a fantastic burst of colors we see today.

Zhangye Danxia National Geologic Park

3. Turpan Flaming Mountain

Turpan flaming mountain is the hottest place in China where no vegetation can survive there. It is also believed to be a pilgrim route in a story of Ming Dynasty “A Journey to the West”. The hot sun that shines above the mountain creates a scenery known as “A Wall of Flame”. A wall of flame describes the colors of the mountain in the afternoon in a red sky.

Turpan Flaming Mountain

4. Bezeklik Caves

Bezeklik Caves is known as Thousand Budha Caves. It is located near the flaming mountain and has a history from  between 6th to 9th century as a Buddhist center of Gaochang. The place is mesmerizing with hundreds of Buddha murals.

Bezeklik Caves

5. Mogui Cheng, The Devil’s City

Mogui Cheng is also famous as the Devil’s city because the mystery roaming around here. The city is located in Tuyere, the place surrounded by sand dunes and peculiar looking earth mounds. When the wind blows fiercely, it creates wind circles and whistles that sounding like a screaming, crying, or wolves sound. You’ll feel like you detach from the real world and enter your own nightmare!

Mogui Cheng, The Devil's City

6. Badain Jaran Desert

Badain Jaran Desert is the world’s tallest stationery sand dunes on earth. This desert also the third largest desert in China. Even though it is a desert but the name badain jaran itself has a meaning as mysterious lakes. That is because this desert has  around 140 lakes which some of them can change its color. Badain Jaran desert will fascinate you with its golden sand dunes, lakes, and the reflective view of Soumin Jaran temple on a lake.

Badain Jaran Desert

7. Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha is a UNESCO heritage because it is the largest Buddha statue in the world. The statue has existed since 903. The idea to build this statue came from a Buddhist Monk named Hai Tong. The reason he built the statue was to calm the turbulence water of the river, and decrease the number of ships which often wrecked. Unfortunately he died before he saw the statue completed and the construction was finished by the Tang dynasty. The Chinese has a saying regarding the statue “The mountain is a Buddha and the Buddha is a mountain”.

Leshan Giant Buddha

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