Poor People Food From Around The World!

Buzzers, food is our primary needs. A study said people who can consume foods three times a day is considered rich. What about you Buzzers? Are you the ones who struggle to fill up your stomach? Well, you are not alone, most people in the world also trying to survive with any foods they can find. Don’t worry it will not last forever, keep believing and keep’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

1. Brazil

Cesta Basica or Basic Basket. This is a social benefit given for poor people in Brazil with an income per capita less than 46 USD. Inside it we will find rice, corn meal, salt, black beans, coffee, sugar, chocolate milk powder, powdered milk, manioc flour, and another items.

2. South Africa

This is the meal that the average poor people in South Africa eat, rice with lamb or beef and maize or pap.

3. Nigeria

In Nigeria the poor people will combine these three ingredients; garri, palm kernel or ground nuts and sugar/salt. Garri grains you can chew and usually made from cassava or you can pour water to it, add salt or sugar, put the ground nuts/palm kernel inside, boil it and eat it.

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