TOP 7 Instragrammable Street Art in Hong Kong

1. Hollywood Road

Hollywood road is the most famous street art in Hongkong made by Alex Croft’s, a local graffiti artist. The mural of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin and Audrey Hepburn surely brings you back to the golden age in Hollywood!

2. Chung Ching Street

Chung ching street has an art of a Chinese girl in a geometric composition. The dolphins and splash of colors on it give a romantic and strong impression. The art is made by Hopare, a Paris based street artist.

3. Yip Fat Street

On Yip Fat Street you can see a classic comic graffiti which will catch everybody’s attention. The bright yellow color and black and white panel, this art makes the old building comes back to life.

4. Public Square Street

If you have a bad mood and want to take a walk then go to this street. On public square street you will enjoy the bright painted flowers from roses, sunflowers, lavenders and daisy. The artist painted them on the stairs so it’s like you are heading to a garden full of flowers and not that Chinese noodle restaurant lol.

5. Elgin Street

Elgin street has a mesmerizing street art by two artist Dan Kitchener and Charles Williams who are British street artists. The art is showing an image of Hongkong city in a rainy evening, a colibri bird and lotus. I think maybe it is as a reminder to take care of the nature despite of the fast paced development in Hong Kong. Well, who knows?

6. 2 Star Street

Are you a fan of Felix the cat and astro boy? Then your two favorite characters has a fusion on 2 star street. The gigantic street art of these two popular character will make you wonder “what was they both doing there?” surely it will tickle your mind but then you choose to forget it and snap few awesome pictures! This street art is made by New York street artist, Jerkface.

7. Peel Street Hongkong

Peel Street in Hongkong is well known for its various selection of restaurants but, you can’t miss one particular restaurant here Uma Nota. Uma Nota is a Brazilian restaurant and their catchy advertisement is a mural of a laughing lady. The positive message is “No matter how you doing don’t forget to laugh and the best laugh is the one you share with your friends at Uma Nota” lol..Well buzzers, the art is made by local street artist Elsa Jeandedieu in collaboration with Uma Nota.

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