TOP 7 Popular Cakes Around The World And The Story Behind It

Hi Buzzers!! Who doesn’t love cakes? Well, we all love it !! But, do you ever wondered the story behind some particular cakes? Apparently the history of cakes from around the world is quite amusing! From a British spy who loves cooking, a slave until a Queen who waited for a year only to eat cake and many more..Let’s find out below!

1. Birthday Cake

The first birthday cake was invented by ancient Greece. They made birthday cake from honey bread. In Middle ages birthday cakes was made to celebrate “Baby Jesus” birthday but later become a celebration for younger child. In Medieval times England, they put coins & thimbles inside the birthday cake. There is a believe that a person who found the coin in his birthday cake will be wealthy but a person who doesn’t find it, will never get married. Meanwhile the smoke from the candles will bring our wishes to God, this is also a believe from ancient times when people prayed over the flames.

2. Plum Pudding

Plum pudding is famous when it’s holiday times. Plum pudding is also called Christmas pudding, but what funny is the cake doesn’t contain plum fruit at all. This is because in the 19th century the raisins is called “plums” and a substitution for plums. In England plum pudding has silver coin inside to bring fortune, the batter also should be stirred with wooden spoon while you make a wish.

3. Fruit Cake

Fruit cake is a cake full of fruits which first appearance is back to Roman times. During middle ages, they added honey, preserved fruits,  and spices. This cake was brought by Crusaders and Hunters to sustain themselves when they are away from home. Fruitcake is considered “sinfully rich” and outlawed in entire Europe. The Queen Victoria got a fruit cake for her birthday and she decided to wait  for a year to eat it since she felt it showed restraint, moderation, also good taste.

4. Baba Au Rhum

There is a reason this cake has rhum in its name. Yup! That because this cake was soaked in the wine sauce for a day! The name Baba itself has a meaning “falling over or dizzy” in French. But according legend, the cake was named Baba because King Stanislas Leszczynska (the father in law of King Louis XV of France) has a favorite hero in “A thousand and One Nights” story, Ali Baba.

5. Coca Cola Chocolate Cake

Coca Cola Chocolate Cake is a popular dish in Southern America. Southerners love to drink coca cola pop and probably that is the reason this cake exist. This cake is a must have desert in Church social or family reunion which contains coca cola and marshmallow. First recipes is in 1952’s where the dishes awarded with second, third place in contest. In 1997 cracker barrel Old Country Store made double chocolate fudge cake and it was a big hit. The dessert then become a signature dish.

6. Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska or also said omelette surprise was a dish that invented by Benjamin Thompson Rumford, an American Born Physicist. He is an American loyalist in the revolution of Boston. He is also said to be a spy and informant for the British Army. While what unique is he has a big love for cooking! His interest in beaten eggs white to heat as egg white is a poor conductor of heat resulting in the existence of the dessert “omelette surprise” or baked Alaska.

7. Russian Honey Cake

This is a popular cake in Russia and also called with Medovik. But, probably this is also the most ancient cake in history! The existence of Honey cake dated back to prehistoric people. Prehistoric people had an idea to mix honey with flour and then baked it. This type of cake known as food of the Gods and usually served in ceremonies that requiring sacrifice. In one ancient Egyptian grave, this cake is found among other artifacts.

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