TOP 8 Most Admirable Photos and Their Story

Hi Buzzers, photography is not just an art but it is a tool to immortalize certain beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking moments. By making those moments eternal in photos, we can learn from the past, build a better future, and more appreciate little things in life. So, Buzzers here is the photographer from 2018 Sony World Photography Awards and their story…

1. The Twins of Koumassi by Anush Babajanyan

In central African and several African countries the people is believed that twins has power in physical and spiritual. Usually the people will ask twins if they need a positive change, solved the problem, or seek a blessing. The photographer captured the twins in the Koumassi district of Abidjan. Their mother put the same clothes on them and bring them to the Koumassi Grande Mosque where visitors of the mosque can see them after prayers.


3. Under Every yard of sky by Sebastian Meyer

War always takes everything away from the people and country such as prosperity, relationship, and peace. It is not easy to live in a country that keep afflicted by war such as in Iraq. This photography shows the will of the people to fight for their peace and build their life again.


5. Slum Ballet by Fredrick Lerneryd

Dancing is a fun activities which will help children improving their creativity and self confidence. That is the main reason the charities annos Africa and other organization organized ballet class in slums across Kenya. Every Wednesday the children from the slums will gather and practice their ballet. Some children are lucky because their talent spotted and they can attend Dance Centre Kenya in Nairobi’s smart area.


7. Down Dance by Ana Belen Amado

Children with down syndrome often get a lot of stigmas and society look at them incapable of doing anything. The thinking is totally wrong! From this photography, the photographer want to highlight that they are probably even better than the rest of us. In this picture, the children with down syndrome listening to music and dancing.


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