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Top Must Visit Tourist Places in Pakistan

1. Hunza Valley

With its breathtaking weather, Hunza valley offers you 9 other beautiful places to have your feet on. Rakaposhi is the first centre of attraction with its enchanting beauty and curvy cliffs. Then comes Karimabad, Famous for its diversity of culture and welcoming people, Karmiabad has become one of the ‘Hot’ places to visit. One cannot miss it for the world if one visits Hunza Valley. “Altit fort” and “Baltit fort” are two other points in Hunza valley known for their heritage and traditional events. Attabad lake which is actually a disaster turned beautiful lake. Then is Passu, most romantic place,and then is Sust border, an amazing village on the edge of Pakistan-China border.

2. Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali Lake, located in the Neelam Valley, Mountains on your back, running water at your front, dark red flowers spread over the mountains, mesmerize the people who pass by with their charming beauty especially in afternoon under the breattaking sunset. It’s heaven on Earth at 12000 feet altitude! Don’t miss Hans Raj Lake if you ever go visit Ratti Gali Lake that is almost 4 hours from Ratti Gali base camp.

3. Kumrat Valley

Snow covered mountains, beautiful lakes, and lush Green forests; Kumrat valley located in Upper Dir.

“Kala Chashma” is a must to visit in Kumrat Valley. The waterfalls in “Jahaz Banda” are eye catching. “Panjkora River”, “Badagoi pass”,”Chahrot Banda”, “Katora Lake” are the places you should never miss on your visit to Kumrat which will lead you to its ending point, “Dojanga”.

4. Kund Malir Beach

Beach in Pakistan? Karachi is the place!” You may have heard that a lot. But very few of you may be familiar with “Kund Malir Beach” which is located in Balochistan approximately 250 km from Karachi on the Makran Coastal Highway. Crystal clear water, gold colored sand on the bank, adds to the beauty of this beach. Ever wondered why you feel relaxed when you visit a beach? That’s because of the water there, one of the four elements of life, representing purity, serenity, and cleansing. With its healing power, it soothes you. You’re going to love it, not very far away from Karachi.

5. Cold Desert Skardu

Deserts are usually known for the heat, cactus and water shortage. But have you ever heard of a “Frozen Desert”? That’s right, Frozen Desert! Temperature ranging between 8 degree Celsius and 27 degree Celsius, having snow as its top layer, one of its kinds and is the highest desert in Pakistan. Due to its uniqueness, it has been a place of interest for tourists since it got discovered. There are almost no signs of residence there so if you go visit it, you are on your own.

6. Lahore Fort

Lahore, known as the historical city, has many historical places to visit. ‘Lahore Fort’ known as “Shahi Qila” is one of them. History has been carved in such a way that no age could demolish it. It is still standing strong, speaking witness to the history of Sikhs and Nadirs. Tour guides tell you the whole history behind this Fort during your visit. Tall and strong walls, wide floors, red bricks are among its specialties. On its right side, Badshahi Mosque is located which is the largest Mosque in Lahore. Don’t miss it if you ever go to Lahore Fort.

7. Kalash Valley

The Kalash Valley, a region located in the northwest of Pakistan and inhabited by the Kalash people, the last Pagans in Pakistan, is a home to Pagan culture in Pakistan. It is a nice place to visit, to explore, different cultures and traditions have always been the ultimate goal of tourists. Kalash valley is a mind-blowing place for such an activity in Pakistan. So if you aim to explore, go there.

8. Shandur Top

Located in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Chitral area, Shandur Top is thought to be the highest polo ground in the world. Although snow keeps the place covered in snow in winter, Shandur Top turns into a lush green scenery in summer. Every July, Shandur Polo Festival is held here and is an attraction to tourists and natives. It is difficult to get here in winters considering the heavy snowfall and slippery tracks, but in summers visitors use jeeps to reach it.

9. Hingol National Park

This is one of the largest national parks in Pakistan. It rests on the Makran Coast in Balochistan. The topographical features vary from barren forests in north to cooler regions in the west that have regular rainfall. They are home to different plants and animals. Hingol National Park is known to support at least 35 species of mammals, 65 species of amphibians and reptiles and 185 species of birds.

10. Mohenjo-Daro

It is an ancient Indus Valley Civilization city that flourished between 2600 and 1900 BCE. Located in the Larkana district of Sindh, Mohenjo-Daro means ‘mound of the dead’. Although no greenery around, this dry landscape is a beauty in itself and its history is what makes it standout today.

11. Taxila

Ancient Taxila was situated at the pivotal junction of the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia. The origin of Taxila as a city goes back to c. 1000 BCE. Some ruins at Taxila date to the time of the Achaemenid Empire in the 6th century BCE, followed successively by Mauryan Empire, Indo-Greek, Indo-Scythian, and Kushan Empire periods. According to Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, Taxila is the abode of many splendid Buddhist establishments. Over 3000 years old, it is the main centre of Gandhara. It is 35km from the capital, Islamabad. It was designated a World Heritage Site in 1980.

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