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United States “World’s First” Part II


1. World’s First Parking Meter was put on in Oklahoma city on 16th of July, 1935.

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2. World’s First facility which succeeded in breeding harbor seals in captivity is The Seaside Aquarium in Oregon.

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3. World’s First Rodeo was held in Pecos, Texas on 4th of July, 1883.

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4. World’s First transcontinental road was commemorated at Promontory where Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads met on 10th of May 1869. Now, the site is known as Golden Spike National Historic site.

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5. World’s First and only Oyster museum is located in Chincoteague Island.

Credit: Photo by google @heather fitzgerald and @Tricia mallet


6. World’s First soft-serve ice cream machine was settled in an Olympia Dairy Queen in Washington.

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7. World’s first Starbucks which also the biggest coffee chain in the world was established in Seattle, Washington.

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8. World’s First electric railroad set up as commercial enterprise was developed between Huntington and Guyandotte, West Virginia.

Credit: Photo by wikimedia.commons


9. World’s first and only Coal house, a residence wholely built from coal was located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

Credit: Photo by wikimedia.commons

10. World’s first brick street was in Charleston, West Virginia, on 23rd October 1870 .

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