Walk Among Tombstones And Some Of Them Know How To Be Funny! (20 Pictures)

Buzzers, death is never easy, it will always leaves grief in our heart. But, some people who passed away doesn’t want people they love to grieve too long. They choose to make people smile even though in a place full of sorrow and sadness like a graveyard. Here is some of the tombstones that know how to be funny! I guess better to stay in someone’s heart with a smile and a laugh rather than a tears, right?!

#1. When you knew but can’t resist to say No..

#2. When he goes to bed and enjoy it more than 5 minutes more

#3. Well I can see that it’s bushey up there but is it bushey down there too?

#4. When you want to party rock anthem everyday I am shuflin’

#5. When you get stuck and nowhere to come back

#6. When your tombstones keep auto correcting…

#7. Hard ….I guess we all know that

#8. When you live your life #YOLO

#9. I think he has saved lot of money now…

#10. When you’re a pain in the ass

#11. You should have told me earlier…

#12. “I really was a nice guy” – 50 women from tinder left the chat

#13. When you wish to be kissed for the last time…

#14. I bet he’s Fricken’ funny too

#15. The monument said it all “Cocke”

#16. Only one thing that matter the most!!

#17. He has whiskey and many wives…well could he be Capt. Jack Sparrow??

#18. Not all bears are gummy bears…Brother Dave should have known that..

#19. When woman still make you confused by them saying “whatever…”

#20. Yeay Finally!! How’s the view?

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