What to Do in Turkey? Top 10 Things You Should Not Miss Out !!

1. Watch the turtles at Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu beach is a popular tourist spot to watch the turtles!! The beach is 6 km long and a breeding ground for Caretta Caretta or Loggerhead Turtles. Loggerhead turtles is listed by IUCN as endangered species by visiting this beach you will learn about the life cycle of a turtle and also support the conservation.

Turtle beach

2. Observe the ancient sacred tombs in Lycian Cliff Tombs

The Lycian cliff tombs is a sacred place dating back from the 4th century. The Lycian people believe that the angel will come and take the dead to the afterlife. That is why they built the tombs on a cliff side so that the angels could reach the dead.

Lucian tombs

3. Wonderful Paragliding from Babadag Mountain

Babadag mountain is a famous destination in the world for paragliding! The mountain has an elevation of 1,969 meters with limestone and rich flora.

Babadag mountain

4. A Romantic honeymoon in the Cleopatra and Mark Anthony secret island

It was said that Cleopatra and Mark Anthony first meeting is in this secluded island, that is how the island get its name as Cleopatra Island. The island has a beautiful clear turquoise water with a white sandy beach! It is also believed that the sand here was brought by Mark Anthony. He had loaded his ships with white sands from Egypt. Well, that is dedication for Love!

Cleopatra island

5. Spend your Lazy evening at the Binlik Bay

Binlik bay is a private and peaceful place for you who love to just enjoy the moments. This bay has astounding view of Turkish coastline’s pine dressed hills! People also come here for swimming and snorkelling or just relaxing on the sun deck!

Binlik Bay

6. Hunt for Handmade goods and food in Hisaronu & Ovacik

Hisaronu and Ovacik are a lively places to go! You could get to their local markets and do bargaining or taste their excellent homemade traditional foods! You can also find beautiful handmade goods as souvenirs or a gift for yourself!

Local market

7. Hike to the Taurus Mountain

Taurus mountain has a peak of 3, 756 meters and divided into three chains from west to east! You should not skip the Nemrut dag or mount Nemrut in eastern Taurus or southern anti Taurus! Nemrut dag has archaeological site from the 1st century. It was the Kingdom of Commagene ruins! The gigantic limestone statues there are believed to be the statues of King Antiochus, Zeus, Apollo-Mitras-Helios, and many Gods and Goddess.

Mount Nemrut

8. Stroll around in a Luxurious Yacht in Göcek

Göcek is a place for you to taste the luxurious living in Turkey! Göcek was known as kalimche in ancient times. There is a legend that Icarus landed in the sea in Göcek after he escaped from the tower where he was imprisoned. Today, Göcek is also famous for its luxurious yacht tourism!


9. Visit a peaceful and chic fishing town in Kalkan

Kalkan is an old fishing town that never lose its charm. The town is small and has a pretty harbour with a serene atmosphere. If you walk uphill, you can find a better view as well as chic gift shops, white villas, beautiful terraces, and rooftop restaurants!


10. Get a glimpse of the Atlantis in Kekova; Turkey’s sunken city!

Kekova was a city of the ancient sea people named Lukkies from around 1274 B.C. The tribe built their great city in Kekova which now became ruins and mostly is under water. The city sunk under water because of the massive earthquakes. You could visit the ruins and admire the triumph and tragedy from the past.


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