What's Now in Technology? 4 Things You Need to Know!

1. NASA Astrobee Robots

Astrobee Robots is made to help the astronauts work faster and productive. This mini flying robot is inspired by training droids in Star Wars. The duty of Astrobee robots is measuring noise levels, shooting video, and testing the carbon dioxide concentration.

NASA Astrobee Robots

2. Marathon Targets

Marathon Targets is a startup who made self-driving cars with human shape targets. The robots as its name are used as targets for military training. But not only that, the robots can run for cover if their comrade has fallen, run in the alleys or may also try to attack the soldiers.

Marathon Targets

3. MIT Roboats

Roboats is a project by MIT’s Senseable City Lab and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solution. The roboats is an autonomous boat that can be used as a water taxi or moving cargo.

MIT Roboats

4. MIT Baxter

Want a Robot that can understand you without you reading all the prescriptions? Then meet Baxter! Baxter is designed to read people’s mind so the robot will know if they have made some mistakes. In doing so, the robot will detect our brain and muscles signals. This technology will be useful for people as it’s safer and efficient.

MIT Baxter

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