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Which Ice Cream You Should Try in Russia, Korea, US, Singapore and Egypt

If you are traveling for the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore, planning to go to Russia for the World Cup or even wondering what’s your favorite football player, Mohammad Salah, likes as a dessert? well, we have collected five traditional ice cream from the trending countries so you can try it during your travel. It’s always good to know other country traditional food…since food will connects the heart!

1. Morozhenoe (Russia)

Back then this ice cream only sold in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but you can find it everywhere in Russia. Morozhenoe has several types you can try such as Plombir and Stakanchik which are the most popular. Other types are called Eskimo similar to magnum on a stick, and lakomka which is a chocolate tube shape waffle with flavored ice cream. The popular flavor in Russia is vanilla, creme brulee, milk, cream, and natural sweetened condensed milk. If you go to Russia to watch world cup then don’t miss your opportunity to taste this tasty Morozhenoe!

Russian ice cream morozhenoe

2. Pat Bingsoo (Korea)

Korean people keep everything simple and healthy. Lots of healthy food you can find here and their traditional ice cream will be quite different since it doesn’t include eggs and milk since it’s made from shaved ice. This dessert is very popular in Korea. Patbingsoo has a meaning of red beans shaved ice. If you are not a fan of red beans paste, do not worry! Patbingsoo now have various toppings such as syrup, condensed milk, and freshly chopped fruits!

Pat bing soo, Korean ice cream

3. French Custard (America)

Americans love sweet and rich of butterfat in their ice cream. French custard is an ice cream made by cooking the combination of milk, eggs, cream, and sugar, after that they froze it. The popular flavor for the Americans are not vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry but the mint chip or choco mint. 

French Custard American ice cream

4. Uncle Jimmy’s Sandwich Ice Cream (Singapore)

Uncle Jimmy is actually a name of a managed 72 years old who sold ice cream with a traditional ice cream cart. He always is at outside Lavender MRT station. He sells ice cream with traditional flavor too such as sweet corn ice cream, yam, atap seed, red bean, and durian. You can use a wafer cone, but usually traditional ice cream served like a sandwich with two wafer or white bread. The uncle also gives out free ice cream on his birthday..what a generous man!

Singapore Sandwich Ice cream

5. Bouzat Haleeb (Egypt)

If you are a fan of Mohammed Salah a football player from Egypt then you need to know about this ice cream, it could be one of his favorite desserts. Bouzat Haleeb is a traditional ice cream which usually served at iftar time in Ramadhan. This sweet dessert said to be different than any other European ice cream. It contains ground mistika; an Arabic gum which gives a stretchy taste for the ice cream. Not only that, this ice cream also contains rose water…hmm must be smell so good!!

Bouzat Haleeb, Egypt

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